Promotion Concepts to Increase Online Store Sales

October 15, 2019

For business people, developing promotional concepts and practicing a good online business marketing strategy is certainly a must. As a businessman, you are required to be clever in determining the business strategy used to make your business able to compete with other competitors. Usually, the main thing determined in a business strategy is about marketing techniques. How you want to market your product to consumers will be something that absolutely must be studied more deeply.

Maximizing Online Marketing

In marketing products online, a marketing strategy is very important. With the right strategy, your product sales will be maximized. To maximize online marketing, here are some strategies that you can apply in online business :

  1. Create an online shop site on the first page of the search. In addition to making it easier to meet new customers, this can also improve the business image that you are living in.
  2. Maximizing network and relationships. In business, having a wide network is a very important thing. By building a good network, you can market products that are in a wide range.
  3. Providing interesting marketing content. As a businessman, you must provide interesting content that makes visitors interested in coming to your online shop. Marketing content can be in the form of articles, videos or images that are appropriate for the business being undertaken.
  4. Maximizing the use of digital marketing. Integrated digital marketing in a business is considered like a snowball effect. The snowball that was originally not much will get bigger as it rolls further and further. In business, this phenomenon is used as a technique to start small businesses consistently in order to get maximum results.
  5. Maximizing platform understanding. Being a businessman, you must always be up-to-date and follow the trends. You must be flexible in using various social media which are currently being widely used by the community. In addition, you also need to have a mindset that is not rigid and continues to follow the trends.
  6. Set clear targets as a starting point. Target marketing is one thing that is important to note. Determine a specific target market, and only target certain circles that will ultimately make it easier for you to choose the right marketing strategy for maximum results.


Promotion Concepts Using Psychological Concepts

According to Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book entitled “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, the concept of psychology is able to create a good and effective persuasion to maximize the concept of the online store promotion. Then what is the concept of online store promotion using the concept of psychology? Check out the full review below:

1. Reciprocal

The first psychological concept that can be maximized in the concept of promotion to increase online store sales is reciprocity. In a human relationship, according to Dr. Robert will emerge a reciprocal to do the same with what is done by the other party. For example, if A gives X then B tends to give the same thing, X or X1.

This is where you as an online businessman can apply the concept to do promotions. For example, by giving something for free, such as a gift for an initial promo, consumers will give a reciprocity, such as loyalty.

2. Commitment

As is well known that almost no human being is willing or likes to be betrayed and lied to. From here you as an online business must also understand this concept, so do not let the promotional efforts that you run you disappoint your consumers with false promises

If you state that you are going to serve a fast or fast response, then you have to do it. Or if you state that you will provide free shipping, you must also fulfill it. Commitment is an obligation that must be fulfilled if you want to get the most out of the promotional effort.

3. Authority or Authority

The next psychological concept that will help you maximize the promotion of online stores is authority or authority. According to Dr. Robert, human psychology shows a general habit where it will be easier to obey the words or commands of people who are respected or admired. From here you as a seller must be able to build authority or good credibility so that consumers are willing to become loyal customers.

In general, if the buyer already considers the seller to be someone of authority then they will always count on you. That way, consumers will easily receive and process any information you submit, including when you inform promos.

4. Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological concept where humans will tend to believe and believe more easily if most people around them talk about it. Therefore, you can take advantage of this concept for your business promotion activities. How you can use social media and testimonial techniques.

That’s some information that you can learn and can put into practice for the business you are running. The right marketing techniques will indeed provide maximum results in attracting consumers. Determine the concept of promotion that is most appropriate for your business, and increase profits.